Roland M-128 / M-256 / M-512 and Akai BR-16 / BR-32 compatible multi-bank replacement cards

Project Summary

Since August 2014, we have been prototyping replacement cards for the legacy Roland memory card system. These cards work as replacements for the Roland M-128, M-256 and M-512 cards as well as the electrically identical Akai BR-16 / BR-32 cards. By means of bank switching, a single card can pose as sixteen M-128 / M-256 cards or eight M-512 cards. The card does not require a battery as it is backed by MRAM. The progress of this project has been documented and discussed on the Vintage Synth forum.

The first batch of cards was sold out pretty quickly in 2017, and since then we have sold several more batches. Currently we are out of stock, but there will most likely be another batch of cards being made in the near future. And the best part ist, they cost just as much (or even less) as you would pay for an original card on eBay these days – while containing sixteen times (or eight times in the case of the M-512 cards) the amount of memory of an original card!

Before you buy - compatibility list

While the card design is as close to the original cards as possible, there is a small number of devices that is not yet compatible with our replacement cards. Please review this list before buying a card. Other devices will most likely work as well (in particular if they are similar to the tested ones), but are not tested. Please let us know about the results if you tested the card with a device not mentioned on this list!

Manual / FAQ

We have assembled a small manual with some instructions and a list of frequently asked questions, you can download it in PDF format (last update: 9 October 2019).

Currently out of stock :-(

We have been crushed by our own popularity and are currently out of stock! However, we will produce more cards, and if you fill in the form below, we will notify you once we have cards in stock again. That will probably not happen before the second half of 2020, maybe even later.

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Card Prototypes M-256 replacement in Roland D-50