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VST plugins - tutorial and download.

Here are a the 3rd party VST plugins that I use in my tracks. You can download them for free:

Please keep in mind that not all plugins that I host are necessarily up-to-date. Usually, I provide the version that I personally use.

So you downloaded a module which requires VST plugins? And you don't know how to use them? Here is a small tutorial for OpenMPT:

Step 1: Open a module

Run OpenMPT and open your module or just a new module to avoid the warnings. In the lower third of the "general" tab, you'll find the plugin settings. Hit the "Select" button in that part of the window (marked red in the screenshot).

Step 2: Add plugins

You will see a list of plugins that OpenMPT already knows. If you have never used VST plugins before, you will maybe only see the DirectX media effects.
Hit the "New plugin" button (marked red in the screenshot) and browse to the folder in which you saved your plugins. I recommend a central folder for all your plugins, something like C:\Program Files\OpenMPT\Plugins.

Speedy method

Actually, this process can be shortened a lot! You can simply drag the plugin files (DLL files) on the OpenMPT window to register them in the tracker.

More information about plugins

You may find further information about VST plugins and OpenMPT in the English OpenMPT wiki.