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Saga Musix' demoscene blog.

In this "blog", I want to collect music, demos and other stuff I come across and want to share with others.
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I haven't heard a tune as great as Human Nature by cTrix in a while. Positive, upbeat, light-hearted, and tracked to perfection, as I'm used to it from cTrix. Although this has been just released as MP3, his advanced tracking skill is evident here. Just listen to it!

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Oldie but goldie

Some of the first modules that I ever downloaded were In The Eyes and New Beginning by Sidewinder. True, they are rather old, but I still think their sound is simply fantastic. Crispy samples, punchy drums and the looping background sound make "In The Eyes" one of my most favourite tracks. Six years after downloading it, I still can't get enough of it. "New Beginning" is also a very upbeat track with great samples and a nice rhythm.

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Impulse Tracker awesomeness

In case you have still any doubts that great music can be produced with good old Impulse Tracker (and in any other case as well), you should give Sphenx's music a go. Most tracks are absolutely wonderful compositions, often also pushing the tracker's limits. I especially love the "Space Ring" series, Shuttle Departure is a really awesome track!

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Goal Accomplished

At this year's edition of the Breakpoint demoparty (which was sadly the last one, *sniff*), I was holding the unofficial tracked music compo on behalf of The Mod Archive. My expectations were not very high because of some erroneous information on the Breakpoint website (some texts still said that there is no tracked music compo anymore until a week before the compo), but I was positively surprised: Not only did Breakpoint 2010 set off a new visitor's record, we also had a great tracked music compo with a total of 19 quality tracks! This proves again that such a compo is still definitely needed and I hope that the follow-up party will have an official tracked music compo again. You can grab the releases from scene.org, together with the results. Wohoo!

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Dance For The Sun

Some time ago, I found (rather by accident) the track Dance For The Sun by Boor (aka Crystal Score) on Nectarine. It won the MP3 compo at the Takeover 2000 demoparty. And it very well deserved the first place. I haven't heard many tracks which are as light-hearted, naïve and beautiful tracks as this one. This is just great!

Anyway - See you at Breakpoint 2010!

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Here are some enjoyable classic tekkno-rave mods!

  • alf - no-mercy - Probably one of the best of its kind in just four channels. Great synth lines, a piercing piano, classic tekkno samples and the raaaaaaave feeling. :-)
  • travolta - condom corruption - Another classic in four channels. No need to say more...
  • travolta - orient expression - Starting with some synth chords and steam engine sounds, this is quickly turning into some very nice and fast tekkno track with nice synth sweeps.
  • travolta - testlast - A classic which is even a part of a Nectarine jingle. Fast and aggressive. :-)

Have fun with this little collection, and feel free to share and discuss other similar tracks.

On a side note, I have now spent more than a third of my liftetime with trackers. I made my first attempts at tracking at the age of 13. Tracker music has accompanied me the most of time of my life, given that one of the first tracks that I could ever remember (and definitely the first computer game soundtrack I can remember) is Steelchambers 2 by Olof Gustafsson from the fantastic Pinball Fantasies game. I remember it from when I was maybe five years old, and I still love this tune. It's just too great. But what are the prospects like? I seriously don't know. But I just hope that tracker music will be part of my life for many more years!

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The Ultimate Meeting is over (I'll post my achievements here as soon as possible) and the "after-party syndrome" kicks in. I miss the party already. But I've also come across a soothing and heart-warming track on the ModArchive today: Firefly by Ballistique. This track shows how easygoing and positive life can be. Enjoy it. Listen to it when you're sad. Maybe it will help.

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Leandi - Mosaik's new EP is out

Don't forget to download Mosaik's (aka Radix aka Rymdlego) new free EP called Leandi! It's just as great as all his other releases and has a nice oldskool touch. Wohoo! :-D

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No, I'm not talking about "The Prodigy". I'm talking about Prodigy of Oops. A lot of Prodigy's modules were incorporated into The Mod Archive, and while I screened them, I found a lot of gems among then. Just have a look at the complete module list. Here are a few that I can really recommend:

  • Downtown - Awesome funk!
  • Firestarter - Well, this almost sounds like a certain tune from "The Prodigy". :-)
  • Flow - Nice ambient-ish track with a light touch of breakbeats.
  • Oldskool - Oldskool and funky!
  • Seduction - I knew this one already, but that doesn't make it worse! Nice techno tune.
  • Somtimes - This is just so awesomely groooovy... Gotta love that whining lead sound! :-)

There's more... :-)

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Yuki Satellites

Last time, I posted a few tunes made by Radix / Mosaik. One of them was my absolutely favourite tune, Yuki Satellites. I bugged Radix last year already (hehe) if he still has the module file - I suspected it to be an Impulse Tracker module because of the filtered breakbeats and I thought that I could hear Jogeir's typical snare sample (I've been proven wrong in both cases) - but I only got told that he has to look if he still has it.
Well, a month ago, I found out that he has uploaded a video of Yuki Satellites playing in Fast Tracker to YouTube so I mailed him again. And guess what, a few hours later, I had it - yukisatellites.xm! :-D This is just awesome. I have loved this tune for years, and now I finally have the "source". I guess most people can't say that they have the original sources of their favourite tune... hehe. :-)
Anyway, to go on with the story, the module is now available at The Mod Archive, together with two other previously unreleased chiptunes! Go and grab it! ;-)

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