Who is the real Timelord?

First off, who is writing this? I am Saga Musix, and I an administrator over at The Mod Archive. In May 2013, The Mod Archive administration was contacted by two people pretty much at the same time: Robert Gergely and Jared Cravens. Both persons claimed ownership of all modules released under the moniker Timelord.
That's correct, this is not your usual case of two people releasing music under the same artist name independently — in this case, two people here claim to be the same artist. Needless to say, this soon turned out be a very complicated issue, and other websites (e.g. AMP) have decided to stay neutral in this complicated matter. However, since I have listened to Timelord's music for years and I liked it a lot, I was interested in finding the answer to this question: Who is the real Timelord?

We are talking about music released almost twenty years ago, so without doubt this question was going to be very hard to answer, if it could be answered at all. There is still a small chance that I am wrong with what I am writing here so I don't claim to be able to publish the ultimate truth, but let's say I'm 99.9% sure that I'm right.

Meet the competitors

Here's the story from Jared Cravens' point of view. Passages that are going to be more important later on are highlighted.

I am the creator and copyright holder of the 21 MODS you have listed under the handle of Timelord. You may verify this by contacting Asle at Amiga Music Preservation one of the many places I uploaded my MODs to many years ago, and/or Christian Wirth (aka RaDMan) at ACiD Productions — the old ACiD demo group of which I am a known former member and still keep contact with.

Asle at AMP will verify that Robert Gergely, who used to be a sysop at my 1st ISP back in the 90's, BlackBox, has attempted to steal my identity and my music going back decades now, and to this day claims my work as his own. Additionally he has of late been trying to hack in to my AMP account, and on a near weekly basis vandalizes the Wikipedia articles which list my music.

This has literally gone on since the early 1990's and it is a battle I fight again and again whenever Mr. Gergely seems to get the urge to play at being me.

Jared Cravens (private e-mail conversation)

On the other hand, here is Robert Gergely's description of the whole case:

My music was used in a commercial video game called Uplink by Introversion software. This game wasn't really very successful until its release on the Steam Platform in mid 2006.

I was browsing the uplink forums when I came across something kind of shocking, a user name timelord was thanking people for enjoying his music and re-directing people to the AMP site, which contained my tracks and a fake interview filled out by a Jared Cravens who was trying to claim credit for my work.

Here is the forum post: https://forums.introversion.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=34729&highlight= (it's near the bottom)

Robert Gergely on The Mod Archive forums

This forum post on the Uplink forums from 2006 is the first time Robert claims to have heard of Jared. From his point of view, this thing hasn't been going on since the early 90s as Jared claims.

Arguments and evidence

I have collected a lot of arguments and checked which one could be used as evidence. Some of them are not really strong enough to serve as evidence, but are good pointers anyway. Here is a list of what I found:


After all these years, many facts can no longer be verified. I have received a lot of material from Robert that was supposed to help confirming his identity, but not all made it into this article, as many things were proving little, if at all. As it should be obvious by now, I am strongly convinced that Robert Gergely is indeed the person that made all the 23 modules that have been released under the moniker "Timelord" in the 1990s.
Luckily and thanks to some third parties, some things which Jared probably expected that could no longer be verified (such as his claim of Robert being a sysop at Blackbox) could still be identified to be lies after such a long time.
At this point, I'd like to thank everyone who was involved with clearing up this mess, especially Asle at AMP, Basehead and Marc Newman — thank you for your effort and contributions!

A last question that could be asked is: Why would Jared do all this? There are several theories:

If you have any doubts about any arguments I have been making, or if you have any more material that could serve as evidence, do not hesitate to contact me.

Saga Musix 2013 — Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported