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07.11.2021, 22:47 HomepageArtist & title of a music von DiR3C7~H4CK
¡Hello, Saga Musix!
I am a man who makes cheats for videogames. Many years ago, I watched this video:
It's a CENSOR cracktro video, of a SEGA Genesis videogame.
The cracktro actually has no music, but in this video, the uploader (called "MIC cracktro"), has set a mysterious dance music in the video, and I don't know any information to find the full music.
On video description, the only info is "...music : WAIKO MCSOUND...".
I searched "WAIKO MCSOUND" on all the web, but nothing found.
¿Do you know any hint, or information about that enigmatic tune?
Please, take your time to reply me ^^
Kommentar: Hi there, I have no idea about this tune, but you could ask on the ModArchive forums instead: https://modarchive.org/forums/index.php?board=50.0

24.04.2021, 02:28Gäste to the Buch von PotcFdk
Ich habe bestimmt schon zwei Jahre lang kein Gästebuch mehr gesehen und sicher 10+ Jahre in keins mehr rein geschrieben.
Aber nun ist der Zeitpunkt gekommen!

Alles Gute, bleib' gesund und mach weiter gute Musik! :)
Kommentar: Ich sehe, du bist im Prokrastinationsmodus ;P

19.11.2020, 23:54 Homepage ICQjust a greeting von melcom
Hey o/
Just say "thank you" :) Stay healthy!

Signed out,

PS: heute gab es Fischstaebchen und Kartoffelbrei! Yesss *g*

17.04.2020, 03:52 HomepageTapdancer! von ALPA
Hi there!
Just wanted to tell you I really loved Tapdancer from Revision Streaming Compo! Keep up the great work man and looking forward to adding it on SoundCloud if you decide to upload it there. :)

All the best.

Kommentar: Sorry, I don't use SoundCloud. Among other things, its audio quality is really terrible.

21.01.2019, 18:28About your music. von Justin [NyTR0S96]
Hello there. My name is Justin and I was just here to both complement you and your music and ask you something. I must say ever seance i got into tracker music, I saw a lot of your tunes and wanted to try to see if there was more songs from you as you pop up a few times in OpenMPT. I really love your music and am now a huge fan. now about your music, I was wondering if i could use it in my twitch stream as background music. i ask because i know how musicians are with streaming with their music. If you will allow me to, you will be linked in one of my twitch panels. Its okay if you don't want me to though.
Kommentar: I am generally okay with that as long as people stick with the provided CC-BY-NC-SA license, and that means that the output of your stream should also be licensed similarly - most importantly that means no revenue of any sort must be generated through that stream.

17.12.2017, 17:13intresting rhythm ideas von Wit
there is this really cool swedish band that has all this crazy syncopated rhythms, in which the guitars play a loop that doesn't exactly fit into 4/4 most of the time. you might (not) like this band. they might give you ideas, you never know c;
example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHdFTxu5M38

05.07.2017, 01:40 ICQRoblox von Nathan Umali
Listen to this! https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=32547

29.01.2017, 17:54can't send E-MAIL
I forgot to write the important thing.
I'm sorry.

@ Hotmail.co.jp
Could not be used.

29.01.2017, 17:47can't send E-MAIL von RRX
I made a video using your songs.
Thanks for the cool song.

My favorite part is 3:32 seconds (I do not know what technical terms are).


Title: Hete DnB Actie
Artist: bacter & saga


18.01.2017, 21:15Where to get OpenMPT von Stargate38
I went to load your song "Wistful Yearning", but it gave a warning that it was made in OpenMPT, yet the main site for said program says the newest version is Where can I get the version you're using, preferably precompiled?
Kommentar: OpenMPT 1.27 is still under active development and not released for regular use yet. You can obtain current test versions from https://buildbot.openmpt.org/ but OpenMPT 1.26 will play the tune just fine.

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