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About Saga Musix.

I write music, maintain Open ModPlug Tracker and occasionally fix other trackers as well. Other things you actually don't want to know: ;-)

I play the piano since I was 6 but I've never composed anything "big" until I was 12. When I started programming in 2002, my "career" as a musician began - First on the PC speaker, then on the infamous OPL ("AdLib") chip - I used the FM Tracker by Davey W Taylor. One year later - in 2003 - I programmed my very first MIDI tools. The music that could be made with this program was simple - it was "programmed". After developing these tools, I programmed my first simple MIDI tracker. During spring 2004, while originally searching for Scream Tracker 3, I discovered ModPlug Tracker on the web. That was the real beginning of Saga Musix, as ModPlug finally allowed me to really make use of my musical creativity.

When I was actively developing freeware compuer games in my spare time, I also wrote the music for these. You can find them on the Saga-Games website (German only at the moment). Sometimes I also contribute music to demoscene demos.

As indicated before, I am an active member of the demoscene. Besides writing music for the scene, I'm also occupied at several demoscene websites like The Mod Archive and Demozoo as a crew member. Furthermore, I'm helping in the development of the tracker of my choice, OpenMPT.

You can contact me through the following scene-related IRC channels under the nick "Saga_Musix":

My tools

All my music is composed in OpenMPT, the successor to ModPlug Tracker by Olivier Lapicque. It is an advanced, yet free tracker program with support for VST effects and instruments and other neat features like ASIO. I used ModPlug Tracker since spring 2004 and switched to OpenMPT in 2007.

I like collecting hardware synthesizers of the 80s and 90s; Many samples that I use in my tracks are from these synthesizers: A Yamaha CS1x (in studio 2005 - 2010, used since my track Dorian), a Yamaha AN1x (2011, since Cloud Number 5), a Roland D-50 (2011, since Time Warp), a Roland U-220 (2013, since Arrival), a Korg X5DR (2013, since Signature), a Kawai K4 (2014, since Nightfall), a Yamaha CS6R (2014, since Digitize Minimize), a Roland XV-5080 (2015, since Lunar Therapy) a Kurzweil K2500 (2017, since Above All Clouds), a Yamaha TG77 (2018, since Meadow at Night), a Korg Triton Rack (2020, since Tapdancer), a Korg Wavestate (2022, since Wonderland), an Ensoniq SQ-R Plus/32 (2022, since The Oasis), and a Roland JD-800 (2022, since Wonderland).

The synths are connected using a pair of ESI M8U XL MIDI interfaces and Behringer RX1602 V2 analog mixers and the ESI Juli@ soundcard. It has an ultra-low latency driver architecture, supports DirectWire and has a really great sound quality and signal-to-noise ratio (at least for my requirements). I don't want to miss this card anymore... :-D

I listen to my tunes on a Marantz PM4001 integrated amplifier with a pair of Nubert nuBox 300 speakers or AKG K 601 headphones.