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Dance For The Sun March 13th, 2010

Some time ago, I found (rather by accident) the track Dance For The Sun by Boor (aka Crystal Score) on Nectarine. It won the MP3 compo at the Takeover 2000 demoparty. And it very well deserved the first place. I haven't heard many tracks which are as light-hearted, naïve and beautiful tracks as this one. This is just great!

Anyway - See you at Breakpoint 2010!

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1 response to "Dance For The Sun"

Wit says:
October 28th, 2017 at 12:27

indeed, it did deserve the first place - but only partially in my opinion.
However, the cheese at 1:04 really cheesed me off (rubbish puns i know)
at that point it started to sound like overly-polished kids music.
but at 2:08 i was granted a special distorted synth surprise which gave me a smile on my face... for 20 seconds.
otherwise, its ok.

but the ending with the synth pads is heavenly

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