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Time To Fly - Comments and download.

Time To Fly

Duration: 4:01 Style: Synthpop Released: 2019-04-28
Download: .it version (9.48 MiB) .ogg version (5.24 MiB) .flac version (46.59 MiB) listen online
Comment: This coop with Bacter ranked 6th in the tracked music compo at Revision 2019, which was a really amazing competition this year.

Note: This song was updated in 2023 to make the vocoded lyrics a bit more breathy and thus more intelligible.

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  • Katie Cadet: The singing sounds like it is from a vocoder, which reminds me of those Daft Punk tunes I usually listen to. Anyways, the arrangement is great and I love it! Awesome Job! (2020-03-05, 00:32)
  • Joseph: One of my favorites. I love your music. (2019-07-13, 01:39)
  • wito: a cool tune, especially the spacy vocals. it was a bit boring though. (2019-05-04, 18:17)

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