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2011-12-07, 05:45Greetings... by pOWL
...to Saga Musix!

2011-01-15, 22:18thanks by arseniiv
Hello Saga Musix!
Thank you a lot for the samples and VSTi’s!

2010-02-07, 16:20Super informative Homepage - Elektronische Musik - by Jürgen
Hallo Johannes,

vielen Dank für deine sehr informative Homepage. Werde hier sehr viel 'lernen'. Stichwort: OpenMPT
Fange gerade bei '0' mit einer 'NOVATION ReMOTE 25 audio' an. Vst > Gladiator v2.2 http://www.tone2.de
gefällt mir besonders. ;-)
Beste Grüße
Jürgen (54. J. ;-)
Comment: Freut mich zu hören, dass die Seite hilfreich ist! ;-)
PS: Gibt bald wieder eine neue Version von OpenMPT!

2009-09-30, 08:07 Homepage AIM!!! by Nate
Late-Night Compo. This song is among the very finest demo-style tunes I have heard in years, and I've a fan of tracking since 1994.

Excellent work. Thank you so much for making it available for my enjoyment.

2009-08-01, 18:50 Homepage JabberJack is back by Jack
Jo Jojo, I really enjoyed your fantastic music remixes. I really have to admit you improve quite a lot concerning your style. But dont forget...Jack is watching you so be aware :P

2009-01-02, 21:47HardCore Slient Night by Guest of Honor
LoL!Extraordinary Work on Silent Night!
That was the Best song !
Well okay the other songs were good,but when you get a tracker to make a mix,it just plain colorful!
Keep up the Good work!
And put it on the Site,I wanna listen to it!
Especially on ModPlug.
Please Put it up!
Comment: Hehe, I will think about it. :-)
I may warn you that you will maybe not be able to play the module in realtime, as it uses a shitty VST Instrument which hogs the CPU quite a bit... At least *I* can't play it in realtime. Then again, my CPU is old. Very old.

2008-11-29, 18:41iti dateien öffnen! by king01
Ahh jetzt hab ichs... thx...
Kann man das iwie in FL Studio 8 importieren?
Comment: Jedes Sample einzeln abspeichern oder einfach nicht FL benutzen. :-P

2008-11-29, 18:33 ICQiti dateien öffnen? by king01
Wie kann ich die .iti dateien öffnen?
Comment: Mit einem Tracker wie Impulse Tracker oder OpenMPT.

2008-11-19, 12:56 Homepage ICQBuenos Dias! by Tobi
Hey Jojo!
Schickes Desin muss man sagen!
Haste gut gemacht ;-)
Wenn du Lust hast, kannst du dir ja mal meinen Blog anschaun. URL steht ja oben.
Lg Tobi straight oughta Biblio ;-)

2008-11-03, 01:21Oje... :P by Toa
Hmm... Mir hat das alte Design besser gefallen... :P
Comment: Mir nicht. :P

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