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2013-01-02, 18:07 HomepageGreat ! by svenzzon
Great tunes Saga !

2012-11-17, 13:33 Homepagegreat work by prince
glad i found your site.
nice work.
keep on fiddling, pal!
see you somewhere on one of the next parties :-)
prince / obsessed maniacs
Comment: Yep, hopefully see you at tUM!

2012-11-05, 21:10 HomepageCool Site and Music! by MiaFan2010
I love the site and music! I'm glad to see you are using OpenMPT since 2007, But without it, The new features (such as support for VST plugins) will never be the same as it is with earlier versions ModPlug Tracker. Saga Musix Rocks! I have OpenMPT as well on my main XP Computer.

2012-07-28, 17:03 Homepageamazing music by Matthew Doucette
After ripping on my "To Be Continued..." demo on pouet.net (no worries!) I decided to see who you were, and I just listened to "Discovery". Still listening. Amazing work. Very talented. In defense of my demo it was a 2 week project to pass as my final project in University, and thought I had 2 more weeks. It wasn't entered into a compo, instead just a beginner's contribution to the demo-scene. Somehow I managed to have the amazing Elwood support me. I stay in contact with him.

2012-07-03, 23:29 HomepageTime Warp by Studio Nti
Like the old, good 16 bit times - Time Warp, very good sound.

2012-06-27, 10:59Post by cTrix
Can't wait to see you at Evoke '12! I still use OpenMPT every day when I'm away from the Amiga :-)
Comment: Oh cool, great to see you back at Evoke!

2011-12-07, 05:45Greetings... by pOWL
...to Saga Musix!

2011-01-15, 22:18thanks by arseniiv
Hello Saga Musix!
Thank you a lot for the samples and VSTi’s!

2010-02-07, 16:20Super informative Homepage - Elektronische Musik - by Jürgen
Hallo Johannes,

vielen Dank für deine sehr informative Homepage. Werde hier sehr viel 'lernen'. Stichwort: OpenMPT
Fange gerade bei '0' mit einer 'NOVATION ReMOTE 25 audio' an. Vst > Gladiator v2.2 http://www.tone2.de
gefällt mir besonders. ;-)
Beste Grüße
Jürgen (54. J. ;-)
Comment: Freut mich zu hören, dass die Seite hilfreich ist! ;-)
PS: Gibt bald wieder eine neue Version von OpenMPT!

2009-09-30, 08:07 Homepage AIM!!! by Nate
Late-Night Compo. This song is among the very finest demo-style tunes I have heard in years, and I've a fan of tracking since 1994.

Excellent work. Thank you so much for making it available for my enjoyment.

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