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2017-12-17, 17:13intresting rhythm ideas by Wit
there is this really cool swedish band that has all this crazy syncopated rhythms, in which the guitars play a loop that doesn't exactly fit into 4/4 most of the time. you might (not) like this band. they might give you ideas, you never know c;
example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHdFTxu5M38

2017-07-05, 01:40 ICQRoblox by Nathan Umali
Listen to this! https://modarchive.org/index.php?request=view_by_moduleid&query=32547

2017-01-29, 17:54can't send E-MAIL
I forgot to write the important thing.
I'm sorry.

@ Hotmail.co.jp
Could not be used.

2017-01-29, 17:47can't send E-MAIL by RRX
I made a video using your songs.
Thanks for the cool song.

My favorite part is 3:32 seconds (I do not know what technical terms are).


Title: Hete DnB Actie
Artist: bacter & saga


2017-01-18, 21:15Where to get OpenMPT by Stargate38
I went to load your song "Wistful Yearning", but it gave a warning that it was made in OpenMPT, yet the main site for said program says the newest version is Where can I get the version you're using, preferably precompiled?
Comment: OpenMPT 1.27 is still under active development and not released for regular use yet. You can obtain current test versions from https://buildbot.openmpt.org/ but OpenMPT 1.26 will play the tune just fine.

2015-07-16, 00:10samples by yozfitz
Awesome samples, Awesome doode!!

2014-12-10, 16:14iti program by damien
could you program an appli that woukd play .xi and .iti files with notes prealably fixed by user
Comment: I have no idea what you mean but you can play and open XI/ITI files with OpenMPT.

2014-11-10, 05:56Lob und Anerkennung by Michi
Servus, ich habe gerade das Lied "Firedance" gehört und für gut befunden (lol), und da es hier ein Gästebuch gibt hinterlasse ich sehr gerne noch ein großes Dankeschön zum Abschied! Was würde ich nur ohne euch ganzen Amiga/C64/remix/Tracker Musiker machen, beim normalen Radio wird man nur totgequasselt oder die Lieder hören sich alle gleich übel an. Es lebe die Alternative Musik! Weiter so Jungs (und Mädels?)!

2014-10-12, 13:43Your samples by Kristoffer Juls E. Jose
Do your samples loop perfectly?
Comment: If you mean the samples from my sample download site... Most of them should. I guess. It's been ages since I last looked at them.

2013-09-17, 23:28 HomepageTimelord controversary , LOGiC founder here chiming in by sox
i am the founder of the brief art/music group LOGiC from the 713 area code where timelord is from.

Without a doubt timelord is RobG and NOT Jared.

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