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Dauer: 4:08 Stil: Synthpop Veröffentlicht: 05.04.2013
Download: .it-Version (7.24 MiB) .ogg-Version (5.8 MiB) .flac-Version (27.57 MiB) Online anhören
Kommentar: Dieser Synthpop-Track belegte den dritten Platz in der Tracked Music Compo auf der Revision 2013.

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  • Wit: @Sagamusix After looking through Wistful Yearnings samples.... there you have Purple Planets from the D-50 ;_;. Teachs me to always, ALWAYS try to think twice about things. What I meant is that you've used the D-50 less. Thats all. You are still my favourite module artist, no matter what synths or samples 'n VST's you used to create your modules. (24.01.2017, 21:40)
  • Saga Musix: @Wit: I have not stopped using the D-50 at all. I have merely diversified my synthesizer collection. The XV-5080 still has many sounds that are directly influenced by the D-50's legacy. Besides, I always choose the sound that fits my ideas best, and not based on which machine it came from. (22.01.2017, 16:04)
  • Wit : woo more D-50
    And about the D-50, I notice that you've stopped using samples from it. Thats a real shame, there are some really nice pads and arps coming from the D-50 in this song. It just shouts D-50 all over the place. (22.01.2017, 14:56)

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