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Amegas (Remix) - Comments and download.

Amegas (Remix)

Duration: 6:07 Style: Remix / Synthpop Released: 2009-05-02
Download: .it version (3.52 MiB) .ogg version (7.67 MiB) .flac version (46.14 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: Kjaerhus Classic Series, Microgater
Comment: It is said that Amegas is the first MOD that has ever been written. If anything, then this is a good reason to make a remix of this cool track. :-) It is recommended to use ModPlug together with the "Microgater" plugin.

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  • Wit: Sounds average. Better than the original module though :D (2016-12-03, 20:02)
  • Andy: And now for english. For the name Andy comes from America. And I'm also from America. So, the song does not really fit to me, but I find it somehow good! :) ANDY (2010-07-15, 20:40)
  • Wavedancer: Wirklich sehr stimmungsvoll, ruhig, trotzdem abgehoben, aber mich stört ein bisschen das Tom-Drum. Entweder leiser oder ganz weg oder vielleicht eben durch einen sanften Snaredrum ersetzen, der würd vielleicht besser passen.
    Und an einigen Stellen wie z.B. ab 5:23 hätte ich statt Tomdrum bzw. ein Snaredrum vielleicht ein Handclap genommen, klingt für ein Melodiesolo immer cool.
    Aber wie gesagt, ansonsten astrein :) (2009-10-01, 12:39)
  • barryvan: It's been a while since we've had a release from you, Jojo, but it's been worth the wait. :) I really like this track. The 'tracked' sound of the piece is quite enjoyable -- it's a good fusion between the 'modern' sound and 'classic' tracked pieces. My only criticism would be that there's a bit too much lower end: it dominates a bit, and makes things a bit muddy. Everything else is fantastic! :D (2009-05-02, 12:30)

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