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Dancing on the Milky Way - Comments and download.

Dancing on the Milky Way

Duration: 2:44 Style: Eurodance Released: 2010-10-04
Download: .mptm version (1.42 MiB) .ogg version (3.95 MiB) .flac version (21.25 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: BuzComp Free Series, CamelCrusher, Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), Kjaerhus Classic Series, mda, otiumFX Basslane, Rez 2.0, SideKick v3, Synth1 1.13, TAL-BassLine
Comment: This upbeat dance track is my first demo soundtrack written for Nuance. It was used in the tUM 2010 Invitation.

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  • Wit: It is quite upbeat :D, indeed. However, the pads and the lead in the beginning are PAINFUL to listen to. 3manyhighfrequency5me .-. (2017-03-25, 15:54)
  • Dirbaio: Epic track! Here's a (kind of) remix I've made based off the long Ultimate Jingle. Nothing special, it's mostly a result of playing around with the instruments, but I think it sounds quite cool. I know, it's cut at the end. I didn't know how to end it in a good way.

    http://dirbaio.net/d/tracks/dotmw-rmx1.mp3 (2011-11-08, 02:29)
  • Sebastian: Ein gelungener Track! :thumbup: ;-) (2010-10-04, 23:03)

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