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Dreaming Land - Comments and download.

Dreaming Land

Duration: 0:50 Looped Style: Freestyle Released: 2004-10-27
Download: .s3m version (46 KiB) .ogg version (2.24 MiB) .flac version (8.88 MiB) listen online
Comment: Based on a piano exercise, hence it's not very exciting or nice-sounding.

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  • Wit: Bloody hell, after going through most of your songs (from your most recent to the first one ever made by you), I am... surprised to see just how far you have come ;-; (2016-10-09, 18:11)
  • MacOSX1998: These two samples in the track are cuts from 'The Microsoft Sound' in Windows 2000. (2011-01-16, 19:06)
  • Mao: You said, one of your first tracks?
    Many things have changed till today. ^^ (2007-04-05, 18:32)
  • PMedia: Kommt einem doch sehr bekannt vor, das daf├╝r verwendete Sample ^^ (2007-03-16, 19:39)