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Ethereal Voices - Comments and download.

Ethereal Voices

Duration: 4:44 Style: Epic Rock Released: 2010-09-01
Download: .mptm version (11.28 MiB) .ogg version (6.74 MiB) .flac version (30.04 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: CamelCrusher, Delay Lama, Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), FREEVERB, Kjaerhus Classic Series, mda, otiumFX Basslane, Rez 2.0, String Theory 1.5, Synth1 1.13, TriDirt
Comment: An epic and spacy rock track with ethereal voices, floating pads, crispy e-guitars and distinctive drums. A shorter version of this track ranked 5th in the streamed music compo at Evoke 2010.

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  • Wit: SagaMusix - I definitely hear 80s Rock in this.
    Me - I definitely hear Tool in this. But there are no odd time signatures >:C (2017-09-22, 19:42)
  • Wit: the mdk drum kit to be more specific. i can't find any link to them that works. (2017-07-17, 15:54)
  • Wit: Could you provide some sort of link to the drum samples that you used? I've been trying to find them everywhere... (2017-07-17, 13:20)
  • Wit: The drum fill-ins are also very impressive. (2017-04-21, 20:09)
  • Wit: Listening to this, I cannot believe that this was made in tracker software. GJ :D (2016-10-16, 15:37)

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