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Floating - Comments and download.


Duration: 4:24 Style: Melodic Trance Released: 2018-07-27
Download: .mptm version (1.5 MiB) .ogg version (6.03 MiB) .flac version (33.95 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: Ambience, Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), Kjaerhus Classic Series, otiumFX Basslane, SideKick v3, Synth1 1.13, TAL-Elek7ro
Comment: Originally written in 2011 for a musicdisk, this track won the streamed music compo at Nordlicht 2018.

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  • Byproduct: I love this one! (2019-07-18, 16:41)
  • wito: a bit of a generic track if im honest, not your best work.
    i kinda like this doe, reminds me of those 2009-2011 flash racing games (2018-08-12, 16:57)
  • JRmysteries: The pluck is repeated too much, but other than that this is a pretty solid track. (2018-07-29, 02:56)

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