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Miles Ahead - Comments and download.

Miles Ahead

Duration: 4:03 Style: Dream Trance Released: 2014-06-06
Download: .mptm version (5.23 MiB) .ogg version (5.45 MiB) .flac version (48.71 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: BuzComp Free Series, Kjaerhus Classic Series, Synth1 1.13, TriDirt
Comment: A dream trance track à la Robert Miles, which ranked 5th in the streamed music compo at Outline 2014.

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  • Wit: Very dreamy and relaxing :D Perfect!
    v Listen to his other songs as well - most of them are very good >.> (2016-10-16, 16:28)
  • Someone: I like this song, i'm gonna use it for my YouTube video's!!! (2016-03-20, 11:01)
  • Someone: Cool music, too bad it is not on Spotify or YouTube. (2016-03-11, 16:47)
  • Song Listener: Great Song

    (2015-11-18, 17:44)
  • Amen: Nice! (2015-09-30, 00:53)

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