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Neon Racer - Comments and download.

Neon Racer

Duration: 4:29 Style: Synth Wave Released: 2015-10-07
Download: .it version (9.11 MiB) .ogg version (5.97 MiB) .flac version (29.04 MiB) listen online
Comment: This year's Deadline Demoparty had an 80s theme, and thus Bacter and I made a fitting Synth Wave track. A slightly shortened version ranked 4th in the Combined Music Compo.

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  • Wit: I wondered once if SagaMusix was going to make some albums. Oh well. (2017-04-08, 18:06)
  • PoleAxeNegao: @Saga Musix Thank you for the quick response, I understand your point, and I can respect it. You know, you could still do the album thing, if you did a story driven album, you could basically do whatever you want and put it together in an order and make up some kind of story for it, that sounds pretty cool to me. But I can understand you wanting to stick to singles. Btw, I believe bandcamp has a "pay if you want" option. But I'm not trying to be pushy! Sorry! (2017-04-05, 04:10)
  • Saga Musix: @PoleAxeNegao I have the moral obligation to not charge for my music. But if you scroll down to the end of the track list, you will find a link to donations for the OpenMPT project.
    Also, I don't do albums because that would mean I have to stick to a concept, which I never did and probably never will. (2017-04-03, 13:13)
  • PoleAxeNegao: Hey, dude, I appreciate the free download link, but I actually feel, as a fellow artist, a moral obligation to give you $$ for this track. I would like to support you in what way I can and I believe many others might feel this way. Would you consider making a bandcamp and selling albums, like other fellow artists such as xkirby and Virt? (2017-04-03, 13:09)
  • Wit: It did indeed deserve higher place. It is a very 80s piece of music, with the good old Synth Brass, Talking Pads and linn drum kits. (2016-10-06, 20:52)
  • uctumi: Very good job!! It deserved a higher place at deadline (2015-10-09, 04:20)

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