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Paddle Battle-Songs - Comments and download.

Paddle Battle-Songs

Duration: 0:48 Looped Style: Game Released: 2004-10-27
Download: .s3m version (92 KiB) .ogg version (1.37 MiB) .flac version (6.67 MiB) listen online
Comment: This is the Paddle Battle 1000 Volt soundtrack. Patterns are played in random order in the game.

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  • Wit: Some bits tried to work but just didn't. For example pattern 3 when the synth brass goes from the C minor key to the C# minor key but doesn't work as the 303 synth is still in C minor.
    Also the balance between the samples isn't the best. Especially the drum samples. (2017-09-28, 19:51)