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Story of a Loving Sample (2011 Edit) - Comments and download.

Story of a Loving Sample (2011 Edit)

Duration: 3:23 Style: Synthpop Released: 2011-11-12
Download: .it version (2.22 MiB) .ogg version (4.71 MiB) .flac version (24.4 MiB) listen online
Comment: Proof that I can apply new knowledge to old tracks as well: A remix of my almost four years old track Story of a Loving Sample. More vibrant, less muddy, and a bit longer!

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  • Toa-Nuva: Sehr schön überarbeitet. Die alte Version war schon nicht schlecht, aber die neue Version gefällt mir nochmal deutlich besser. :-) (2011-11-13, 14:16)

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