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Sunrise Express - Comments and download.

Sunrise Express

Duration: 4:26 Style: Trance Released: 2016-04-02
Download: .mptm version (8.64 MiB) .ogg version (5.87 MiB) .flac version (31.46 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: BuzComp Free Series, Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), Kjaerhus Classic Series, Korg M1, sfz, Synth1 1.13
Comment: A melodic trance track for the streamed music compo at Revision 2016. To play the module file, you have to download the Equinox Grand Pianos Soundfont - simply load it into sfz in OpenMPT.

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  • Saga Musix: @Wit: I know it's cheap these days, it's the most-sold synthesizer of the world after all so it's all but rare. But we are talking about the M1 VSTi, which has several advantages over a real M1. It is probably possible to play this track with a real M1, but you would have to set up the instrument parameters yourself. (2017-01-09, 19:19)
  • Wit : @SagaMusix In the UK, you can get the Korg M1 really cheap on eBay (£50 to £400 quid) (2017-01-09, 18:58)
  • Saga Musix: @JRmysteries: I try to keep my tracks free of commercial plugins but sometimes it's just not worth the hassle. Plus the Korg Legacy Collection is worth buying anyway. ;) (2016-11-22, 14:24)
  • JRmysteries: Eh, well I can always listen to the OGG version. Anyway this is really well made, good job. :D (2016-11-22, 05:14)
  • JRmysteries: Do I really have to buy M1 to listen to this correctly? (2016-11-22, 04:47)
  • Wit: If there was a Sunlight Express, I would get on it C:
    This is, like every other trance track you do, fantastic =3 (2016-10-16, 15:51)

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