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Yuki Satellites 14. Juni 2009

Last time, I posted a few tunes made by Radix / Mosaik. One of them was my absolutely favourite tune, Yuki Satellites. I bugged Radix last year already (hehe) if he still has the module file - I suspected it to be an Impulse Tracker module because of the filtered breakbeats and I thought that I could hear Jogeir's typical snare sample (I've been proven wrong in both cases) - but I only got told that he has to look if he still has it.
Well, a month ago, I found out that he has uploaded a video of Yuki Satellites playing in Fast Tracker to YouTube so I mailed him again. And guess what, a few hours later, I had it - yukisatellites.xm! :-D This is just awesome. I have loved this tune for years, and now I finally have the "source". I guess most people can't say that they have the original sources of their favourite tune... hehe. :-)
Anyway, to go on with the story, the module is now available at The Mod Archive, together with two other previously unreleased chiptunes! Go and grab it! ;-)

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