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Impulse Tracker awesomeness

In case you have still any doubts that great music can be produced with good old Impulse Tracker (and in any other case as well), you should give Sphenx's music a go. Most tracks are absolutely wonderful compositions, often also pushing the tracker's limits. I especially love the "Space Ring" series, Shuttle Departure is a really awesome track!

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1 Antwort auf "Impulse Tracker awesomeness"

Wit sagt:
2. November 2017 um 16:10

His modules really do push the limits of tracking!
He uses really low quality samples and seems to turn them into a stereo experience that is really quite unique.
And Shuttle Departure is truely epic. Soaring leads, powerful drums and nostalgic arpeggios :D
And the powerful pads and bass pushed the limits of my subwoofers xD
I've never heard music quite like his before..