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Dauer: 4:06 Stil: Synthpop Ballad Veröffentlicht: 13.04.2020
Download: .it-Version (10.33 MiB) .ogg-Version (5.75 MiB) .flac-Version (48.75 MiB) Online anhören
Kommentar: Eine verträumte Synthpop-Ballade, die den 6. Platz in der Tracked Music Compo auf der Revision 2020 belegte.

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  • a listener: This sounds really amazing. I know this kind of music is a bit obscure, you know, not appreciated much by people who are not on the "scene." I'm interested in this kind of music, I even tried to make some when I was younger, but I never really got anywhere. Your track sounds like it should be in a game somewhere. I don't know what the game would be, probably some RPG. I bet this song would play in some fire-lit cave with gleaming underground ponds and sparkling crystals on the walls, while some calm, but serious, exposition-heavy part of the story unfolded between the characters. The chords are just so, so good. I'll listen to it many times.

    a listener (19.04.2020, 06:20)

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