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Dauer: 5:45 Stil: Melodic Trance Veröffentlicht: 01.07.2017
Download: .mptm-Version (13.07 MiB) .ogg-Version (7.67 MiB) .flac-Version (43.07 MiB) Online anhören
Verwendete Plugins: BuzComp Free Series, Kjaerhus Classic Series, SideKick v3, Synth1 1.13
Kommentar: Bereits Ende Mai fand die Outline-Party statt, auf der eine verkürzte Version dieser Trance-Kooperation zwischen Bacter und mir den 8. Platz belegte. Hier ist nun endlich die ungekürzte Fassung.

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  • Saga Musix: ...which completely misses the point. You could just listen to a regular Tetris/Zelda/Bubble Bobble remix if you want to listen to non-horrible music. (14.07.2017, 20:44)
  • JRmysteries: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0b0k6801dn79sa4/Fixing_Saga%27s_Horrible_Track.it

    It's not incredible but it is better than before. (14.07.2017, 20:40)
  • Wit: lol k
    feed me xd (13.07.2017, 17:07)
  • JRmysteries: I am now going to try and recreate the horrible piece of music so that it sounds good ;) (13.07.2017, 07:09)
  • Wit: also that "horrible piece of music that you released in June made my ears bleed and my cheeks hurt

    well done, you've made something worse than mainstream po(o)p itself (05.07.2017, 20:20)
  • Wit: lol UK Hardcore remix
    This is great! I personally would class this as.. erm...
    Dream Progressive Baleric Melodic Trance.

    Jokes aside, this gives me slight nostalgia of the 2000s. Great synth parts (as to be expected) and beautifully lovely chord progressions - although my ears don't agree with the end chord of G seventh on a B bass at pattern 17.. (05.07.2017, 20:07)

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