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Late-Night Compo - Kommentare und Download.

Late-Night Compo

Dauer: 4:22 Stil: Chippy Eurodance (One Hour Compo) Veröffentlicht: 25.08.2008
Download: .it-Version (643 KiB) .ogg-Version (6.13 MiB) .flac-Version (33.52 MiB) Online anhören
Verwendete Plugins: Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), JS, mda
Kommentar: Dieser Track belegte den 6. Platz in der Streamed Music Compo auf der Buenzli 17 Demoparty.

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  • Wit: Ahhh, early 2000s. Much nostalgia to be had. When I was an idiot surfing the internet because he could.
    Anyway, this song is nice for nostalgia, but it is a tad bit boring. But still nice. nICEEEEEEEEEE. (05.04.2017, 19:57)
  • Andy: Really not for me. I noticed that I always write the same thing. : ( (15.07.2010, 20:59)
  • analogmoz: I haven't said enough about this song. Demo-esque, dancy, cheesy, excellent. (15.01.2010, 01:44)
  • analogmoz: Win. (17.10.2009, 06:15)
  • Pip Malt: Probably your second best next to Unreal Scene. I like like the "Eye of the Tiger" parts a lot! (23.02.2009, 05:01)
  • Wansti: Nice track! Very catchy... and I like the way you sneaked the "Tiger" into this one :-) (12.11.2008, 10:04)
  • asmodeus: I know a part of the music from anywhere... (15.09.2008, 19:15)
  • SaphirJD: Great Song, like it a lot, great work :) (30.08.2008, 13:29)

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