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Psy Rain - Kommentare und Download.

Psy Rain

Dauer: 6:28 Stil: Psy Trance Veröffentlicht: 07.10.2007
Download: .it-Version (6.7 MiB) .ogg-Version (8.77 MiB) .flac-Version (44.62 MiB) Online anhören
Verwendete Plugins: FREEVERB, JS, mda
Kommentar: Mein erster Psy-Trance-Track... Ziemlich hart! Klingt im Tracker am besten mit den oben genannten Plugins.

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  • Wit: ... isn't it? (15.07.2017, 13:48)
  • Wit: Nice to listen to. It is somewhat boring - but then trance is meant to leave you in a sortof 'bored' state. (14.10.2016, 19:52)
  • Harbinger: (I decided to keep my critiques within your site instead of bringing up old threads in LPChip's modplug site...)

    Psy Rain: decently mixed, VERY good menagerie of aural sensations that is able to dispense with melodic gratification without losing sense of movement, love the use of stereo rez; only thing wrong: no bass movement (then again, dance music doesn't need it; it 's just gotta be stable), keeping this one (07.03.2008, 20:29)
  • Marc Shake: Hui, der Track geht aber mal richtig nach vorn. Ob's Psytrance ist, kann ich nicht beurteilen aber ich find's oldschool, im Positivsten :) (28.12.2007, 00:54)

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