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Dauer: 5:14 Stil: Darkwave Veröffentlicht: 02.11.2008
Download: .it-Version (4.34 MiB) .ogg-Version (6.91 MiB) .flac-Version (39.21 MiB) Online anhören
Verwendete Plugins: Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), Kjaerhus Classic Series, MB Puncher, SupaPhaser
Kommentar: Dieser Track belegte den 8. Platz von 12 in der Open Streaming Music Compo auf der Sundown 2008.

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  • Wit: Lovely.
    Those square bleeps are heavenly..
    And those guitar melodies are also ^
    Just about everything in this song is ^
    Nostalgia alert for anybody who played 90s/2000s video games (including me). (17.07.2017, 14:18)
  • Andy: That more like it. But as I said, I'm very picky. Sorry, connecting with the drivel. (15.07.2010, 20:56)
  • Guest of Honor: Exellent! Its Great to know that there are still Old Skool Trackers out there Still showing how wonderfull Tracker Songs can be.

    Yo Saga Musix,Keep up the Work!

    Keep up the Tracks!

    (14.12.2008, 01:29)

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