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Unreal Scene - Kommentare und Download.

Unreal Scene

Dauer: 6:13 Stil: Ambient Veröffentlicht: 01.01.2007
Download: .it-Version (2.16 MiB) .ogg-Version (7.71 MiB) .flac-Version (38.69 MiB) Online anhören
Kommentar: Dies ist die zweite Edition meines bisher aufwendigsten Ambient-Stückes.

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  • Wit: This is great. Please make some ambient sometime soon in 2016 C: (10.11.2016, 16:47)
  • Pip Malt: Yep, probably your best so far... (23.02.2009, 04:50)
  • Harbinger: Unreal Scene: Interesting but well-transitioned mixture of nature/techno/ethnic (goes from babbling brook to steelwork to Japanese koto, mixed with 80s new wave engineering!); chord progressions seem either uneducated or just foreign to Western sensibilities; okay if you keep in the background, too weird to be used for DJ blending...keeping this one... (07.03.2008, 20:31)
  • Eagle: This is my all-time favourite amoung your tunes, Saga. Awesome! :) (09.10.2007, 14:14)
  • Jekko: This song rules, very good sample quality (25.03.2007, 12:52)
  • Edward: Really nice peace. Someone might just use it in their Unreal projects. ;p (04.03.2007, 01:07)

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