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The Dark Forest - Comments and download.

The Dark Forest

Duration: 0:21 Looped Style: Game Released: 2004-10-27
Download: .it version (23 KiB) .ogg version (1.21 MiB) .flac version (5.69 MiB) listen online
Comment: This track was initially composed using Davey W Taylor's FM Tracker on the SoundBlaster PCI 128. As the FM chip is emulated using the MIDI wavetable by this soundcard's Windows driver and as I got an SoundBlaster AWE 64 later, I converted this tune, but with crappy samples. Sounds best with linear interpolation. You may also download the original track (original FM Tracker file).

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  • Wit: Quite a dark composition. It works, even with the bad samples. (2017-09-28, 19:45)