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Mechanical J - Comments and download.

Mechanical J

Duration: 3:15 Style: Weirdness Released: 2018-08-23
Download: .it version (65 KiB) .ogg version (4.22 MiB) .flac version (19.66 MiB) listen online
Comment: This track only uses three samples of questionable quality, taken from the track "Joikhu" by Croaker. It ranked 3rd in the "Da Clone" remix compo at Evoke 2018. This is again a coop with Bacter.

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  • Kevin Edward Dolan: “Samples of questionable quality”!
    Haha! Oh yes… Welcome to the club!
    Actually, this was great fun, and I had no problem with either sound quality or its lack. :D
    (2019-02-27, 22:32)
  • wito: its really good considering the sample quality. but the overall sound is a bit like a meat grinder. lovely beats and bass however. (2018-08-24, 17:02)

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