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Synthetic Journey - Comments and download.

Synthetic Journey

Duration: 4:31 Style: Synth Dance Released: 2014-11-18
Download: .mptm version (23 KiB) .ogg version (5.87 MiB) .flac version (52.74 MiB) listen online
Used plugins: BuzComp Free Series, Electri-Q (posihfopit edition), epicVerb, Kjaerhus Classic Series, otiumFX Basslane, SideKick v3, Synth1 1.13
Comment: My first entry for the One Synth Challenge 68 at kvraudio.com. This track uses Synth1 as its sole sound generator. It ranked 17th out of 42.

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  • Wit: analog synth lol
    *Vitural Analog Synth VSTi with FM included (2017-05-02, 19:48)
  • Wit: Good dance music. The guitar plucks remind me of A-ha's Manhattan City. v It is agreed that the percussion is weird, but he only used an Analog Synth to produce sound. (2016-10-16, 15:31)
  • JRmysteries: Pretty good, though The snare and some of the other percussions are weird. (2016-10-09, 05:05)

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