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Face I Paint

Today, I've come across a tune in my playlist that I've probably listened to one or two times in the past and I realized how good it is for the first time: Face I Paint by Hunz. I've looped it all the day and I gotta say it's a marvellous track. Don't miss it.

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3 Antworten auf "Face I Paint"

Wit sagt:
28. Oktober 2017 um 12:18

lovely techno/industrial
i love the chromatic descent of the pluck melody in the beginning

Xooxer sagt:
9. Dezember 2008 um 10:45

I'm on the fourth (or is it fifth?) loop now. Really easy to listen to. And yeah, the intro is great. I like the way the lyrics are whispered.

MyOwn31 sagt:
16. November 2008 um 09:29

what is really marvellous in it is its middle and ending parts. great track indeed, thanks for sharing, Saga!

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