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Mod Library revisited 15. September 2012

Some of you might be using my program Mod Library for performing searches on their module collection. It works great for finding sample texts and similar things. However, what do you do if you don't want to know which module contains a certain sample text, but rather which module contains a certain melody? I often have melodies playing in my head, most of the time I even know that they are from a module, and typically I even know the module format and the rough time frame in which it was written (most often this would be an XM module written around 1997, but that's a different story :-D).

Wouldn't it be cool to have a program which would let you search for exactly this kind of stuff? It certainly would. And would it actually be doable? Yes, it would! And who would do it? Well, maybe I would! I am currently thinking about completely rewriting Mod Library. The new version might replace the BASS library (which is great for what Mod Library currently can do, but sadly not for what the new version should be able to do) with the OpenMPT core for loading modules and analysing their patterns. The note information from the patterns would then be stored in a database using relative offsets (so that it doesn't matter if a tune was written in A minor or D minor). I find this idea very intriguing, but I can make absolutely no estimates if / when I will be able to code this. Is anyone else actually interested in such a project?

Update: In May 2014, development has finally started!

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